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Karl M. Newell

Department Affiliation:  Kinesiology
Education: Ph.D., Physical Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1973
Directory Information

POSITION TITLE:  Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Coordination, control and skill of normal and abnormal human movement across the life-span; development of coordination, acquisition of skill, information and movement dynamics, mental retardation and motor skills, drug exercise influences on movement control.


Newell, K. M., Mayer-Kress, G., & Liu, Y-T. (2001). Time scales in motor learning and development. Psychological Review, 108, 57-82.

Newell, K. M., Wszola, B., Sprague, R. L., Mahomey, S. L., & Bodfish, J. W. (2001). The changing effector pattern of tardive dyskinesia during the course of neuroleptic withdrawal. Experimental and Clinical Psychophamacology, 9, 262-268.

Vaillancourt, D. E., & Newell, K. M. (2003). Aging and the time and frequency structure of force output variability. Journal of Applied Physiology, 94, 903-912.

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