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Anna Mattila

Department Affiliation:  Hotel, Restaurant, and Recreation Management
Education: Ph.D. (Philosophy), 1995, Cornell University
Directory Information

POSITION TITLE:  Assistant Professor, School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Focus on understanding the role of emotions in people's everyday lives, including consumption settings and family-decision making processes in the context of leisure products and services.


Mattila, A. S. , & Enz, C. (2002). The role of emotions in service encounters. Journal of Service Research, 4, 268-277.

Mattila, A. S. , Apostolopoulos, Y. , Somez, S. , Yu, L. , & Sasidharan, V. (2001). The impact of gender and religion on college students' spring-break behavior. Journal of Travel Research, 40, 193-201.

Mattila, A. S. , & Wirtz, J. (2000). The impact of preconsumption affect on service satisfaction. Psychology & Marketing, 17, 587-605.


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