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Ann C. Crouter

Department Affiliation:  Human Development
Education: Ph.D. (Human Development and Family Studies), 1982, Cornell University
Directory Information

POSITION TITLE:  Director, Center for Work and Family Research; Professor of Human Development & Family Studies

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Interrelationships of parents' employment situations, family processes, and children's and adolescents' social development; gender socialization in middle childhood and adolescence; family dynamics including parental knowledge and monitoring of children's daily experiences; work-family challenges in low-income, rural communities and their implications for parents and children.


Crouter, A. C. , & Head, M. R. (In Press). Parental monitoring and knowledge of children. In M. H. Bornstein (Ed.) , Handbook on parenting, 2nd edition. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Crouter, A. C. , Bumpus, M. F. , Head, M. R. , & McHale, S. M. (2001). Implications of overwork and overload for the quality of men's family relationships. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 63, 404-416.

Crouter, A. C. , Bumpus, M. F. , Maguire, M. C. , & McHale, S. M. (1999). Linking parents' work pressure to adolescents' well-being: Insights into dynamics in dual-earner families. Developmental Psychology, 35, 1453-1461.


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