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David Almeida

Department Affiliation:  Human Development and Family Studies
Education: Ph.D., University of Victoria
Directory Information

POSITION TITLE:  Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Daily stress processes; Family factors in mental health; Work and family linkages; Fatherhood; Statistical techniques for measuring change


Almeida, D. M., & McDonald, D. A. (In Press). The time Americans spend working for pay, caring for families, and contributing to communities. In J. Heymann (Ed.) , Work, family and democracy. New York: Basic Books.

Almeida, D. M. , & Horn, M. C. (In Press). Is daily life more stressful during middle adulthood?. In C. D. Ryff & R. C. Kessler (Eds.) , How healthy are we? A national study of well-being at midlife. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

Grzywacz, J. G. , Almeida, D. M. , Neupert, S. D. , & Ettner, S. L. (In Press). Stress and socioeconomic differentials in physical and mental health: A daily diary approach. Journal of Health and Social Behavior .

Serido, J. , & Almeida, D. M. (In Press). Conceptual and empirical distinctions between chronic stressors and daily hassles. Journal of Health and Social Behavior .

Almeida, D. M. , McGonagle, K. A. , Cate, R. , Kessler, R. C. , & Wethington, E. (2003). Psychosocial modifiers of the relationship between marital arguments and daily mood. Marriage and Family Review, .

Almeida, D. M. , Wethington, E. , & Kessler, R. C. (2002). The Daily Inventory of Stressful Experiences (DISE): An interview-based approach for measuring daily stressors. Assessment, 9, 41-55.

Grzywacz, J. G. , Almeida, D. M. , & McDonald, D. A. (2002). Work-family spillover and daily reports of work and family stress in the adult labor-force. Family Relations, 51, 28-36.

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